“Shut them all down, hurry!”

If you read that title in the voice of a fussy, golden-hued droid, then congrats: you’re a nerd.

Hey there, friends.  Sorry it’s been a while. Seems I’m getting married in 11 days, so there’s lots to do. 

That’s why i’m writing: to officially freeze this here blog in carbonite for a while. The priorities of life turn out to be quite a bit more demanding than I expected. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me, but, well, there it is.

Here’s the real reason I’m writing at the moment: I have no intention of blogging anything until at least July 1. By telling you now, I am releasing myself from having to feel guilty about it.

SO. Don’t bother checking for updates between now and then. Just write yourself a little reminder on your calendar, scribbled somewhere between “pick up hot dogs” and “swing by the fireworks stand” to come back and check in on your pal Dave. Who knows, I may actually have something to say.  And my blogging padawan Web will (hopefully) be back in the saddle as well, playing Riker to my Picard, Sancho Panza to my Quixote, Chewy to my Han. (Of course, I cast myself as Han in this analogy. Though, truth be told, Web’s more like R2 to my Threepio.)

Feel free to comment with your angry missives about my inconsistent blogging or, if you are so inclined, any good wishes about my upcoming nuptials. 

Y’all be good. See you down the road. 

(And, since this post seems to be replete with Star Wars references, “May the Force be with you, always.”)


Finals week.

Techinically “final” (singular–one class) week. But “final week” sounded too foreboding.

No post today. Taking my final tonight, so I’m about to grab dinner and engage in 2 hours of “intensive, high-energy review” (also known as cramming). A thousand years of European ecclesiastical-political history? Sure, no prob, easy peasy.  *gulp*

On the upside–end of semester, and as long as I don’t bomb the final, I’m looking at high-B, low-A for “Church History I.”  I’ll take that, yes sir.

So. I’ll see y’all next week. Probably Tuesday.  I know I haven’t gotten the hang of this regular-posting thing. But I’m not giving up on it.  

Viva la weekend, y’all.

A Little Anti-Social.

Well, I’m back. I won’t bore you with the usual mea culpa‘s and excuses. I’ll just say the last couple weeks have been interesting. Not terrible, not traumatic. Just a little more hectic than usual.  But hey–life, right? 

And now I’m back to blog, and the only thing I can think of to right about at the moment is more marriage stuff. I’M SORRY, OKAY? IT’S KIND OF ON MY MIND LATELY. 32 DAYS. 😉  But it’s not ENTIRELY about marriage, so don’t zone out.  And I’ll try to post about something pop-culturey or controversial soon, to break up the monotony.


So H. and I have been talking lately about social media. She sent me this video, which I recommend you watch, because it definitely makes you think. (Of course, most YT videos that make you think don’t result in follow-up actions, but at least you think for a second, yes?)

The question of “social media replacing personal interaction” is one that a lot of people have strong opinions on, but no one does anything about.  It’s one of those classic “we’ve got to DO SOMETHING” causes. It’s the type of thing we share on Facebook, but yet it never goes beyond the share or like or even comment, if we feel really strongly.

(By the way, anyone know what’s going on with Kony? No? Okay, nevermind.)

But that’s not the point of this story. That’s just a freebie for people who are bored with marriage talk.


As I said, H. and I were discussing social media, particularly post-wedding. There’s a good chance we’re both gonna disappear from the FB and Twitter circles for a while afterward. (Haven’t decided what will happen here, but as little as I’m blogging lately, would anyone notice? I might as well just turn over the keys to Web and be done with it.)

Another one of the ideas we are kicking around is replacing our individual Facebook accounts with a joint account.

*Cue the groans from the single folks* 

I know some of you may be rolling your eyes, convinced we’ve just become another one of those couples so into each other that their identities and FB accounts are intertwined. Allow me to pre-emptively address some of the criticisms of this idea.

  • First, give me some credit here. I’ve worked very hard to make sure the focus of my life is not solely my upcoming wedding. (32 days, y’all.)  But seriously. There’s more to our lives than this marriage, but it IS a big deal, so cut us a little slack.
  • Second, if you’re concerned that a joint FB account is proof of lost identity, you put WAY too much stock in what a FB account means.  Facebook is the highlight reel. Facebook is not real life. Facebook is a snapshot. (I think we all need to repeat this to ourselves daily.) Besides, we’ve already combined our Netflix accounts. You wanna talk about COMMITMENT…?
  • Third, it was my idea, not hers. I’ve seen this happen, where one distrustful partner forces the other to share the FB account. That’s not the case. I mentioned, a few months back, that I could see the benefit of having a combined FB account, in terms of the “living above reproach” idea. I don’t need to keep secrets from my wife. To her, I want to be as open and transparent as I can be to any living person. So what’s the big deal?

All that said, I wanted to throw this out to you, the mostly-silent 4DB community: Joining FB accounts when you get married–good idea or bad idea, and why?